Richardson has had its growing success over the years, but a growing city brings new challenges and opportunities. We are on the cusp of being the strongest city in Metroplex, but the decisions of today will affect our future tomorrows. I believe in Richardson. I believe that we can meet the challenges we face, embrace new opportunities, take care of our residents and put the city on a path to the future.

How? 1. 2. 3.

If elected, I will follow a few basic ideas to move our city forward together.

First, by Listening to your concerns, your ideas and your values. Being your representative means representing you and my door will always be open. I’m running not to be your councilman, but to be your voice at city hall.

 In 1932 the US Supreme Court said that cities and states can be “laboratories for democracy.” If we set our sights high and put our heads together, Richardson can be a “laboratory for democracy” that leads the way to Innovating new solutions to meet challenges and new ways to build a Richardson for today and tomorrow.

Whether it’s repairing roads, expanding public transit, attracting new businesses or setting new goals, our key question should always be how it will Grow our city. 

I believe in Richardson. That’s why I’m raising my family here and that’s why I’m asking for your vote for Richardson City Council.